Mobile Apps That Run on the Desktop

The Feather platform will run Flutter apps on MacOS and Windows. So you can write a single app that runs on all major desktop and mobile devices.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a new way of developing apps which run on both Android and iOS:

  • Compiler and code libraries allow you to create a single, cross-platform app

  • Includes a comprehensive set of user-interface widgets as standard

  • Developed by Google

  • Currently in release preview stage

  • Free to use; open source licence

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What is Feather?

Feather is a platform to run Flutter apps on the desktop:

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Try These Sample Apps

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Flutter Gallery

The comprehensive list of standard widgets available in Flutter and examples of use.
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    Launch Flutter Gallery

    Whiteboard Fox

    A Flutter clone of the collaborative drawing web app
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      Launch Whiteboard Fox

      Flutter Flip

      The classic game of Reversi implemented in Flutter. Source code is available here.
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        Launch Flutter Flip
        "Flutter is different. There's nothing even close to it when it comes to writing mobile apps."

        Krzysztof Kowalczyk, Hacker News

        "I've been using Flutter for a few months now, and have not felt this productive in years. Being able to iterate so quickly on real or virtual devices has changed how I design and develop a UI."
        "I like the direction that Flutter has taken, cross-platform without the baggage of being a web platform."

        nevi-me, Hacker News

        "Flutter is by far the best UI library I've dealt with. The APIs are sane and thoroughly documented. Its layout model is super simple. It's completely consistent across platforms"

        simonhorlick, Hacker News

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