Frequently Asked Questions

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Will You Support Windows?

Yes! We're working hard to add support for Microsoft Windows devices - we hope to release an alpha version soon.

What About Linux?

We don't have plans to target Linux in the near future. Right now we are focused on developing a Windows version of the Feather runtime environment and adding Windows and Mac support for popular Flutter plugins.

How Much Will It Cost?

The Feather App Store is currently free for all developers. In future we plan to charge a 5% fee when your end users make a purchase in a Feather app.

Can I Distribute My App on Mac outside the Feather App Store?

Yes, you distribute your binary executable any way you like - for example, you can upload it to the Mac App Store or put it on your website.

How is this different to the flutter-desktop-embedding project?

Feather is actually based on the flutter-desktop-embedding project. Currently for Mac it offers the same features plus:
(a) More functionality like copy and paste, mouse wheel and escape key
(b) More supported plugins like shared_preferences, url_launcher, google_sign_in
(c) An easy way to publish your app and push updates to end users

How Stable Is Feather?

Feather is still in alpha testing phase - this means it is not yet stable enough for publishing large-scale reliable apps. Please subscribe to our email newsletter below to be notified of beta and stable releases. In the meantime try deploying internal or small-scale test apps.

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Feather is currently in alpha testing stage. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we begin beta testing and for other Feather announcements.